The social life of a peacock

Peacock is naturally social; it always lives in groups, and the size of these groups differs from day to night, in the morning the groups are somewhat small, and there are groups for males and females, and these groups spend the day in search of food such as berries, figs, grains, seeds and insects At night, peacocks gather and spend the night in large groups as protection from predators that might attack them.
The male peacock is more likely to be attacked by predators such as dogs, tigers and bush cats, because of its slow movement compared to the female because of the long feathers in its tail, but at the same time we find that these long feathers help him to survive; when attacked by a predator He tries to catch feathers and falls something down, and the peacock is able to fly faster and survive that danger.

However, the situation of the peacock groups differs during the mating season. Peacock females are more likely to be male with long feathers and eye-shaped spots, since they ensure that the young are born will be stronger and prettier.
As for the voice of the male peacock, we find that it has eleven different voices, and among those sounds the sound of screaming, which indicates the proximity of a predator, which requires caution, and we find that the peacock shouting morning and evening except the mating season, which shouts throughout the day.