The origin of the canary bird – Information

There are many people who love to raise birds with beautiful sound in the house, and among them birds canary, which was distinguished by God Almighty beautiful and sweet, makes everyone who loves to love and adore him, and the beginning of the emergence of that bird in the Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean Against the west coast of the continent of Africa, so it was named Canary relative to the place, and since many individuals do not know much about the canary, we have prepared for them this article, which speaks in some detail about the canary.

The origin of the canary bird
The canary began in the Canary Islands, which are found in the Atlantic Ocean, and the color of the bird at the time was yellow, and was relatively small size, but over time several other colors emerged, due to hybridization and breeds change, and still Now some Canary birds live free.