Informations about Lovebirds

Here are some important information about lovebirds:

  • Males of these birds are less aggressive than females, so many prefer to raise females than males.
  • Red is not good for lovebirds, so it’s best to keep that off.
    Lovebirds sometimes do painful pains for humans.
  • Reproduction and production of new species of the same species is easy for those birds.
  • When placing a lovebird cage, a good place should be chosen
  • Lovebirds make an overall feathers change every year.
  • Love birds are clean animals, if you find them most of the time cleaning their body by the beak, so it is best to put a container of water to them once a week to wash them.
  • It is preferable to cut the wings of birds from time to time, as a way to prevent them from flying and flying high when they are removed from the cage for training or play.
  • When choosing a lovebird cage preferred metal cages, as well as those of large size and spacious.
  • It is okay to feed these birds some vegetables such as spinach, watercress and lettuce, as well as some fruits, in addition to eggs that provide them with calcium.