Information on dinosaur prontosaurus

Prontosaurus, prontosaurus, apatosaurus or apatosaurus
This animal is one of the largest animals found since God created the world has been twenty meters long and four meters high and this animal was not famous because of his intelligence or courage, regardless of size and on the contrary, this animal was very weak because His brain was about the size of an apple and he occupied a hundred million parts of his body.

The name of this huge grass-eating animal means ” thunder gecko ” because the earth has been shaking under its weight for several million years from the upper Jurassic period to the higher Cretaceous era.This animal suddenly became extinct at the end of the Mesozoic era and the cause of this sudden extinction is not yet known.

Information on dinosaur prontosaurus
This animal was not fast at all.It was twenty meters long and raised to the top of its back four and a half meters.It was about the size of ten elephants put together.To get easy movement, he stayed most of the time in the water where he found aquatic plants, mollusks and fish.
Seratosaurus, a horned dinosaur, over six meters long and four meters high, was armed with sixty dagger-like years.This animal was attacking the Pronatorosaur and the latter had only to slap its enemy with its tail as it had no effective defense and so was the animal or (Thunder gecko) engages in fruitless battles with the predator dinosaur, and unless the prontosaurs were able to escape immediately into the sea there was no hope for him.
The diplodox was the largest dinosaur and was also less heavy than the prontosaurus, but it was longer than it was 27 meters long.This is equal to the length of three buses, one behind the other, and his name means (double rod), because there are two great pages over his chest.
The footprints of this animal have remained in place for 120 million years, and have been preserved to the present day by depositing the silt which helped to solidify the mud that was originally the footprint. This mold, which can hold seventeen gallons of water, gives us a correct idea of ​​the foot. This huge animal.