Information about carp

Fish is one of the vertebrate animals with delicious and delicious meat and favored by many people, and is characterized by the diversity of different types of fish and breeds where each carries special qualities in terms of size, color, physical attributes and other qualities, including these carp fish widely known among many Persons, what is this fish? What are its advantages? Let’s get to know them together in some detail.

Information about carp
The carp fish is one of the types of fish that has received great attention of man, where many are caught and farmed to enjoy their delicious and delicious meat, carp is characterized by its large size and huge compared to many other species, and it is spread in many places, although they are found more in each continent Asia and Europe.

One of the most prominent features of carp fish, which encouraged many individuals to raise it is that it has the ability to adapt to different temperatures, as well as tolerance to pollution, and it has a very rapid growth rate and may be limited to feed only feed.

Physical traits of carp
The carp fish is one of the species of carp and has a conical head, and its body is spindle, carp has a relatively large mouth size and it was but this mouth does not contain any teeth, but on the side of the mouth a couple of mustaches pair on each side , But note that the upper mustache pair is longer than the lower mustache pair.

The teeth of carp are not present in the mouth as mentioned above, while in the larynx where the fish depends on the process of grinding food, and when looking at the body of the carp we find it covered with large and rounded scales.

As for carp, the common color is always olive green, while the lower part of the body carries a yellow color, and when looking at the fins of these fish located on the sides we find red color, while the back fins are a transparent color and relatively long compared to fins Aspects.

It is worth mentioning that carp are relatively long species with a normal range of half a meter to 75 cm, although some fish have exceeded one meter full length, and their weight is on average twenty-five kilograms, with some of them may exceed this limit , Where the largest fish of this breed reached 37 kg.

Carp fish food
The carp are endemic to freshwater and some brackish waters such as the Baltic Sea.The original habitat of this strain is the continent of Asia, but gradually began to move to Greece and Romania, namely in the Black Sea and the Danube, and then moved to North America.

As for carp food, they feed on both aquatic insects and molluscs, as well as herbs, algae, ringworms and seeds. When reared in aquaculture, the main food is feed.

It is worth mentioning that carp has a great ability to reproduce, where the female can lay 36 thousand eggs, so we find that a country like Japan has been breeding since ancient times as a symbol of growth and fertility.

Types of carp fish
There are several types or strains of carp, such as carp mirror, which acquired this name because of the presence of large-sized scales on the sides of a mirror-like, and there is a bare carp, which is characterized by the absence of any scales on his body, and there are also carp scaled and other breeds.