Information about a peacock

There are many birds on earth that vary among them in form, size and degree of beauty, but there is no doubt that the bird peacock ranks first in terms of degree of beauty, but there is an exaggeration when you say that the peacock is the most beautiful bird ever where God Almighty The colors of the feathers are wonderful and very harmonious and beautiful.
When searching for the peacock bird, we find that it is native to the humid tropical forests in Asian countries, such as the forests of Pakistan, the forests of India as well as Sri Lanka, and enjoy the peacock spread in all countries of the world where it is not without a bird park in most countries of the world.

The peacock is one of the most proud of its own birds; it is known as vanity, pride and arrogance. It has a colorful and symmetrical feathers that can spread it in the form of a giant fan of five times the length of the body of the peacock, which is lacking in any other bird.
The peacock lives in the wilderness in groups that protect each other, and has a very loud voice that uses it as an alert to his group in case of any danger coming to them, and because of the high voice is a source of inconvenience in the case of raising the peacock at home, it is worth mentioning that the peacock is missing Ability to fly long distances, and relies on its wings for jumping over the tops of trees.
The difference between a female and a male peacock we find that the female is called a peacock, which is of a much smaller size than the male, and with a short tail and lack of colored feathers in the tail, but be with feathers dark color.