Have you heard about lovebirds before?

Have you heard about lovebirds before? Do you know that these birds are the most beings on this earth related to their lover?

Love Birds, Dura Birds, Cockatoo Birds, or Scallop Parrot (Scientific Name: Agapornis) All these names denote only one bird, one of the types of parrot but the smallest in size, the most popular and widespread, and love birds are characterized by attractive view, They have bright colors and a small size, and they love movement and activity permanently, so they are very entertaining and enjoyable, and the most important thing is also the simplicity of the price, if it is accessible to everyone.

The reason for naming lovebirds
These parrots are named love birds, because they are very loyal and very loving, as the bird relates to his partner to the extreme, and whether the loss remains sad, and does not marry any other bird.
As for the origin of these birds first appeared in the continent of Africa, where man began to domesticate them since the nineteenth century, and traders of gold and slave transport of love birds to Europe, and achieved great popularity there, and the level of demand for them; These birds, which resulted in several new breeds with diverse qualities, and the bird has become more popular, and even became the most famous birds.

When breeding a pair of lovebirds, it is necessary to pay close attention to it, and feed it a certain type of grain, and in specific quantities, and the food of these birds consists of a mixture of the seeds of the Dunaibh, Benikam, Fars, Sunflower pulp, as this mixture supplies the bird with all materials Eating time should be limited in quantities, since excessive feeding of lovebirds can cause fat to accumulate, especially in the abdominal area, hampering their ability to mate and lay eggs, as well as other health problems. That can be caused by overeating.
Veterinarians are often advised to place small amounts of green vegetables, such as lettuce, watercress, and protein extracted from green plants, at times when the female lays eggs, as these substances are very useful.
If new individuals are produced, the young are fed by boiled eggs, mixed with protein, for at least six months.

Mating stage when birds love
Lovebirds grow and reach full sexual adulthood at about ten months of age, where puberty starts from the age of six months, and continue until the period of ten months, after which each couple is able to process mating.
When both males and females prepare for the mating process, the male begins to issue love and affection movements toward the female, which in turn remain calm and quiet, as they are very shy, and if the place contains more than a pair of lovebirds, the male and female who are ready to mate are transferred A cage of their own, so as a kind of caution, so that one of the lovebirds do not break other eggs, or kill their young.
It is worth mentioning that it is preferable to examine the type of birds, to make sure that the husband consists of a male and a female, and the process of examination through the anus, where the form indicates the type, we find that the female be a hole oval shape protruding outside, while the male has a deep circular anus.
There is a particular season for the breeding and breeding of lovebirds, which is in the period from October to July, and it is important to pay attention to feeding the birds well in that period, and supply them with calcium in particular, as it raises the rate of female eggs.