Facts about the frigate

  • During his search for food, the bird may fly the ship long distances from the shore to the sea and may exploit the rising currents to rise in the air to widen the range of vision and once he sees a plane fish sliding in the air, it swoops and grabs it immediately without being wet.
  • The female lays one or two eggs in the nest she built with her, but if she leaves the nest unguarded, some members of the bird may attack the ship.
  • During the mating season, members of the bird make an eye-catching performance. The male reviews his bag, which resembles the red balloon, and the female lover sits in front of the male.
  • The dwarf bird is a real pirate and may attack the boni (Masked Gantt), forcing him to throw his prey, which the attacker grabs before falling into the water.
  • Flying ship attacking fresh turtles out of the eggs as they approach the water also feed on the bodies of large dead fish and on the waste dumped by ships.