Chick fish

The chick is a practical fish inhabited indifferently, whether clear lake water or tranquil marsh waters or turbulent river water.

Full-grown individuals come from this family, even to the mouth of the river at sea or elsewhere, and well tolerate light salinity at both sites. As if all this is not enough for our strong fish, which was given by the Mawla Gel would like finned barbed fins and the ability to climb currents easily and influence to the alpine lakes indifferent mountain rotor.

You understand that our friend is a skilled answer thanks to her strong structure in addition to her curiosity, the chick is insatiable to devour lobsters, worms, insects and various types of fish that you encounter abundantly during his travels, in fact – and you have to look carefully to make sure – it gives you the impression of sticking to the slogan: O my stomach, hunger killed me).

Did you know?
The young of this fish does not exceed five millimeters at birth, and to reach twenty centimeters in length requires seven years to pass.

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Chickfish Facts
The solar chick is a cousin of the normal chick, a voracious fish originating in North America. This American chick, which surpasses the European counterparts, wanders among the eggs of his cousin, filling his belly.
The male perch is upright vertically pointing his head down and takes in vaccination between the two hundred and three hundred thousand eggs laid by the female in the form of ribbons hanging on moss plants, the length of the strips mentioned can be up to three meters.
In the same way and skillfully, these fish also repel the most violent attacks of freshwater pirates, including also the pike, which is sometimes forced to retreat to the desperation of these fish.
Chickfish live in groups of pirate gangs that aggressively attack smaller fishes. They also attack each other and may perish from the deadly wounds caused by stabbing sharp dorsal fins.
The chick dives winter to a depth of sixty meters and hangs to the bottom. If one traps it and drags it to the surface, a sudden pressure change causes the bladder to burst and then perish.
Our fish also has another relative, the worst of which is the notorious name of the giant, a giant fish with a length of one meter and weighing several kilograms, which is very gluttonous, which drives it to devour the eye of its offspring.